The Adéquat Group's Values

The main purpose of the Adéquat Group is to provide employment for people seeking jobs whilst meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. 

The Adéquat Group’s goal is to be recognised in all areas of its activities as a provider of excellence.

The values of ADEQUAT ® are : 

  • Respect for the individual: whatever his or her position (permanent employee, temporary worker, client contact, etc.), every person deserves the utmost consideration.
  • Client satisfaction: identify client concerns and implement tailored solutions.
  • Result oriented: anticipate and continuously gauge the effectiveness of our actions.
  • Compliance: be fully compliant with all legal requirements.

To substantiate our strategic and business directions, we adopt the following Management principles: 

  • Develop autonomy and responsibility in all employees.
  • Lead by example: applying the constraints we impose on others, with respect to values and with respect to carrying out his/her functions.
  • Combine individual skills to achieve common goals.